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No more wasting hours in the gym on ineffective exercises or running endlessly on the treadmill! With a smart, efficient, and highly specific training routine tailored to your body type and goals, you're guaranteed to make fast and sustainable progress.


Your training program comes with a complete meal plan perfectly crafted to suit your schedule and preferences, with exactly the right amount of protein, fats, and clean carbs. All meals are laid out down to the ounce - no guesswork required!


My sole focus is getting you the fastest results possible. Your new program will be precisely calibrated based on your body type. Whether you're an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph, your regimen will be built to  ensure no time is wasted in hitting your goal.




Justin's diet and training principles recognize that there's a difference between “weight loss” and real “fat loss." With this incredibly powerful nutrition and workout combination, you’ll not only drop unwanted pounds but also change your entire body shape and composition.


The three types of cardio used in justin's training programs are proven to improve aerobic capacity better than standard cardio. Combined with your custom diet, this can result in lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and better weight training performance.


Your new personalized routine will be optimized for lean muscle mass development. The more lean muscle you build, the higher your resting metabolic rate (i.e., the number of calories burnt throughout the day) will be and the more fat you'll burn!


Your new custom program will help you cultivate the habits and mentality necessary to succeed in achieving your fitness goals. You'll start experiencing results in 2-3 weeks and will find your confidence levels skyrocket as you develop the physique you've always wanted.


As you progress through the program, you'll find your strength and energy levels rapidly increasing. The program is designed to boost not only your ability to lift heavier weights in the gym but also strength as applied in your day-to-day life.


The name of the game with your new program is efficiency and effectiveness. In as little as 45 minutes 4-6 times per week, you'll be able to knock out some of the most powerful workouts for fat loss and lean muscle building. Prepare to be amazed at the amount of time you'll save.

 About Justin

As the founder of Just In Time Fitness, my mission is to help my clients establish a healthy balance between their workout goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I have created such a wide array of different workout options, from in home on location training to online training to provide a personalized online training support for my clients so they may reach their goals and have the accountability to keep them on track. 


                                                    ~ Justin Nagle

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We make location an obsolete excuse for not working out. Our trainers will come to you, wherever you are.


Online personal training with Justin can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space.  

Just In Time Fitness in association  with Herbal life can offer super food nutrition to help clients reach goals. I offer a unique training tailored to the individual from, weight loss body conditioning, effective and healthy weight loss programs and increase mobility or range of motion.


Just In Time Fitness will and can bring the gym to you! All you need to do is show up with your right attitude of getting in the best shape of your life!

Join me and my many clients who use Herbal Life product's as part of a balanced diet to achieve their overall health and fitness goals. 

Personally, I use Herbal Life vitamins, the herbal tea and aloe as well as the super food shakes.

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Herbal Life

What Your New Custom Program Includes

  • Full Personalized Diet - Your diet contains every meal planned down to the ounce and timed appropriately. Any dietary preferences, restrictions, or scheduling issues are fully accommodated to give you the best possible chance for success.

  • Full Custom Workout Plan - Your training routine will be body-type-specific and oriented to your goals to ensure FAST results. Plans can be tailored for any fitness level, from beginning gym goer to advanced athlete.

  • Supplement Regimen - Your hand-designed supplement regimen will include only the essentials for your goals. Whether it's CLA for fat loss or creatine for mass gains, you'll be taking only the tried-and-true basic items that you need - no gimmicks or ineffective supps! 

  • Optimized Cardio Schedule - The days of wasting time with endless amounts of cardio are over! Your new program will include a limited amount of "smart" cardio crafted based on your specific goal.

  • 24/7 Support - I remain on e-mail and Facebook standby. Any time you have a question, concern, or need a motivational boost, simply shoot me a message!

  • FREE Client Membership Login - All custom clients get access to a membership area with loaded Q & A's, secret recipes and much more.


Justin Nagle

Tel: 773-717-7751

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